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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Different factors affect the cost of wisdom tooth extraction, but what doesn’t vary is the importance of timely action.

Removing problem teeth now prevents additional damage and the risk of more expensive treatment down the road.

If cost is a concern, Advanced Oral Surgery of Tampa can work with you so that you get the care you need without having to worry.

What Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost?

Nationally, simple wisdom tooth extraction costs between $75 and $200, while impacted wisdom tooth will range between $225 and $600.

The oral surgeons at our Tampa, FL, practice use sophisticated technology that allows us to precisely plan wisdom tooth removal and anticipate your costs accurately. Our digital X-rays and 3D cone-beam CT scanners make your dental procedure safe, predictable, and cost-effective. Our careful analysis also avoids costly surprises for our patients in Tampa, Land O' Lakes, Valrico, and surrounding communities.

Want to find out what wisdom teeth removal will cost you? Request a consultation so we can provide you with a solid answer.

Factors That Affect Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs

The condition of your teeth, how your wisdom teeth are positioned, and whether your wisdom teeth have erupted through the gums will determine how complex your procedure will be and influence your wisdom teeth removal cost. Common scenarios include:

Fully Erupted Wisdom Teeth

The simplest extraction is when your wisdom teeth have come through the gums and are fully erupted. The procedure is quick, and patients need only minimal anesthesia to remain comfortable.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are trapped under the gums, extraction becomes more difficult. In many cases, the tooth is held in place by bone, which requires extra steps to remove it. However, our Tampa practice uses advanced imaging that allows us to determine in advance how difficult the procedure will be.

My Wisdom Tooth Is Infected Should I Get a Root Canal?


If your wisdom tooth is infected, the typical route is to simply extract it and avoid a root canal. Wisdom teeth can have unusual roots, which may make a root canal difficult. However, there are some cases in which a root canal treatment may be recommended. Our surgeons will examine your tooth to determine what is appropriate in your case.

Will I Need a Dental Implant to Replace My Wisdom Tooth?


Unlike most other teeth, patients typically do not need to replace an extracted wisdom tooth. Third molars, your wisdom teeth, aren't necessary for your bite to function correctly. In fact, many people undergo wisdom teeth extraction because the wisdom tooth is causing problems.

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Alandra Caitlyn


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I just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and the entire staff was great. It was a very smooth process from when I got there to when I left they made it very comfortable and easy for me. Highly recommend. Jason the doctor and Anna were really great, very happy. Thank you!!!

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Jordan Moses


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Staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Was not looking forward to having my wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. D and Owen were both very reassuring and made me as comfortable as possible. Would highly recommend this place if you need any type of oral procedures done.

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